What’s Growing in My Garden?

I adore flowers and plants and always have something growing! Here is a list of some of my favorite flowers to have planted.

Purple Cone Flower

With the summer here and books just waiting to be read, now is not the time to forego getting in some great literature while soaking up the sun. There are so many new works waiting to be discovered, so we have taken it upon ourselves to narrow down the list with some works of fiction that have been released this summer that offer up everything you’re looking for in a summer read: they’re funny, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking and more. With any luck, you will be able to get through all of these books before the end of the Labor Day weekend.

Kevin Kwan – Rich People Problems

This is the third in Kwan’s series chronicling the lives of a Chinese family with considerable wealth. This latest in the Crazy Rich Asians anthology follows the family as they come together after the death of a matriarch in the family. Are they there simply to pay their respects or are they there to find out who is getting what from the will? Of course, infighting ensues, drama escalates, and this page-turner is sure to give you a look into the world of Asia’s upper echelon of high society.

Angelica Baker – Our Little Racket

The financial crisis of 2008 affected everyone in the world and in the debut novel from Baker, we follow a teen girl of a fallen bank executive and four women searching for truth amidst the betrayal.

Alexander Fuller – Quiet Until the Thaw

The celebrated memoirist returns with her latest work of fiction that features a Native American reservation in South Dakota. Can we ever completely shed our roots and what is the divide amongst us all? This tome will resonate with anyone.

Rachel Khong – Goodbye, Vitamin

A 30-something experiences her father slowly over time lose his memories of the past in this hauntingly powerful and heartfelt debut novel. It is the story of a young woman going back in time to the solace of yesteryear only to find new obstacles that she never would have expected.

Augustus Rose – The Ready-Made Thief

The 20th and 21st century converge in this debut thriller from Rose that follows a 17-year-old from detention centers to homelessness to an underground society that threatens the very moral fabric of humanity and society. Once you start turning the pages, we dare you to stop.

Danny Senna – New People
Senna is an author that has been covering class and race in the United States for well over twenty years, and now – in this third novel – he looks deep into the ramifications of the most recent election and the effects it has and will have on society at large. In ‘New People’, an upstart biracial couple confronts the environment in 21st century New York as they contend with the dynamics of the situation potentially tearing their relationship apart. The stories are intensely real and human, providing the backdrop to the world’s current climate. How will humanity deal with the state of the world now and can it still manage to thrive?